Grandeur Housesitting Services
Great Homes deserve Great Hearts
Peace of Mind!

That is what every home and pet owner seeks when they leave for a business or leisure trip and that is what we at Grandeur Housesitting Services aim to give our clients.
We believe in ensuring our clients homes and pets are safe as if they were our own.  We want out clients to have a relaxing time away and not worry about their home.

Our housesitters are experienced in house sitting and we only employ animal lovers.  Each house sitter is criminal checked and has been deemed reliable, responsible and trustworthy.

At Grandeur we believe that every home deserves greatness. We aim to serve our clients with the same greatness that is expected in any castle.

How we started:
When the Director of Grandeur Spectacular Holdings, Roelien Kruger, left school she found herself in the midst of AA hiring and the early days of BEE and struggled to find full time employment.  She started doing odd jobs, with housesitting being one of them. Having a love for animals and helping people she grew in clients. For years she offered her services to friends, family and referrals.  In December 2015 a family member told her to join an agency but after reading up on agencies she decided to start her own.  She already had a large client base and thought it would be best to continue to give them the service they are accustomed to.  So in January 2016 she registered the company and made Grandeur Housesitting Services a Trading As name (there are other divisions as well) thus making this one of the few housesitting agencies in South Africa to be registered and a legitimate business within the laws that govern this nation. 

Roelien prides herself on safety, security and reliability and did not want her business to be one that was on the wrong side of the law, giving her clients the peace of mind they deserve and the loving heart that she and her sitters freely give.

Contact us today for a quote on our services and let this be the start of your peace of mind. Great homes deserve great hearts!
We operate in the Gauteng region, with most of our House and Pet Sitters situated in around the area.  
Reliable Housesitters in West Rand, East Rand, Johannesburg and Pretoria.